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Olga Severina, Personal Website
Olga Severina is Design Director | Curator, lives on Los Angeles
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Do you know how to bring brands
to a new life? Here are a new identity and website for Brilliant.(with BrandCulture company)


JSB Development

The company Website
(with BrandCulture company)


web design


Company that offers the operational data visualization platform.
(with BrandCulture company)

Media Alpha

Media Alpha is an innovative advertising technology company that offers a groundbreaking online industry analysis platform for publishing agencies and market research firms.
(with BrandCulture company)


DRC is an innovative software development firm. As a branding strategy, many design elements are featuring ocean-focused aesthetics as an homage to the DRC’s Hawaiian home base
(with BrandCulture company)


SetPoint Medical

SetPoint Medical is pioneering bioelectronic medicine to offer patients and providers a potentially safe and cost-effective approach for treatment of chronic autoimmune diseases.
(with BrandCulture company)


Art Without Borders Association

Art Without Borders Association is a Switzerland based organization that provides support to young artists living in countries experiencing political and economic hardships.

Spyros Trio

Spyros Piano Trio is an award-winning ensemble of classical musicians, who share their passion for chamber music with people all over the European continent.


Food Law Lab

Promoting research, scholarship
and innovation in food law.
(with BrandCulture company)


Apex Co

Company that focused on hi-quality and cutting- edge tire technology for race cars.

NewM Clinic

Website for NewM Perinatal and
Family Care Clinic in Ontario, Canada.