About me -
Olga Severina, Personal Website
Olga Severina is Design Director | Curator, lives on Los Angeles
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Me & my  work




I’m a graphic designer and an exhibition curator residing in Los Angeles. My specialties are web design, identity and branding, multi-media marketing, UI/UX expertise, stationery, and sales aids.

I work as a Design Director at Brand Culture — a prominent branding agency in West LA, where we specialize in addressing client’s long-term business strategies with cutting-edge design solutions.

I am a passionate promoter of a contemporary poster. That is why I head PosterTerritory initiative – a take-off platform for graphic design campaigns and art shows in cities across the US.

Under its umbrella I produce projects like The New Winds – an exhibition of contemporary Iranian graphic design co-curated with Majid Abbasi, Rebranding The Russian Avant-garde, Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change and Eco-Deology: Cause and Effect.

I love creating behind the screen, but I feel even more alive when I put away the stylus and touch the real world with my paints and my brushes.